Port implantation

There are various tumor diseases which require the long-term intravenous administration of cytostatic medications at regular intervals. Due to the fact that the repeated insertion of cannulas can be very uncomfortable, and the strong cytostatic medication can damage the inner surfaces of the arm vein, the so-called port system was developed to allow permanent and painless venous access.
The port is implanted directly under the skin and acts as a “filling aid”. From the port, a 20-25 cm long tube runs through the venous system to the large blood vessels adjacent to the heart. Here, the medication is administered directly into the large amount of blood flowing through the area and the dilution effect ensures that there is no damage to the inner-vascular surfaces. The port can be used repeatedly over a longer period of time with no increased risk of infection. The intervention can be safely carried out as an outpatient procedure.

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