Treatment of abdominal wall weakness and post-pregnancy hernias

After pregnancy, it is common for the abdomen wall to not to return to its previous state, despite exercising. These abdominal wall problems are often related to umbilical hernias or the development of a large space between the right and left abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). When treating umbilical hernias using minimally invasive techniques, it is also possible to tighten the abdominal muscular to a certain extent. However, in cases of extreme weakening of the abdominal wall, this is not an option and an abdominoplasty will be necessary, and if required, coupled with treatment of the umbilical hernia. At our clinic, we carry out this procedure together with a plastic surgeon. However, many health care providers will not carry the costs of this procedure. We can discuss all available options during your appointment at the Hernia Center.

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