Inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia operations are the most common type of surgical procedure at our clinic. We offer all available techniques for the treatment of inguinal hernias. Mesh-free procedures continue to be of great importance, and we offer both the mesh-free Shouldice standard and Desarda techniques. The Shouldice technique uses a suture to treat the inguinal hernia. The Desarda technique uses the body’s own tissue to strengthen the inguinal canal. Our standard mesh-based technique is known as TEP (Total Extraperitoneal Herniotomy), whereby mesh is placed into the abdominal wall using a minimally invasive surgical technique. This is our preferred method of endoscopic inguinal hernia treatment because there is no need to enter the abdominal cavity. Also, for the treatment of bilateral inguinal hernias, this technique is superior to the other available option. The international hernia surgery guidelines also recommend this procedure particularly in women.
We also regularly carry out procedures using the Lichtenstein technique at our clinic. The follow-up examinations find this procedure to be the best open surgical technique for the treatment of inguinal hernias. The TIPP technique (Trans-inguinal Preperitoneal) – the open surgical variant of TEP – is also a technique that we carry out daily.
Through consultation, we promise to decide together with you on the surgical technique which is best suited. You can completely rely on our modern medical equipment and many years of experience.

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